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Delivering the NHS Long Term Plan

  • Wednesday, 03 April 2019
  • Mary Ward House Conference & Exhibition Centre, London
  • 09:25 - 16:05
  • Overview

Last year marked the 70th anniversary of our NHS – an opportunity to celebrate the nation's most valued institution and the unwavering commitment of NHS staff to delivering health and social care services that save lives, prevent illness and improves public health outcomes.

However, the milestone celebration cannot outshine the necessity for reappraisal of the funding and services provided by the NHS to ensure sustainability over the next seven decades.

This conference will feature keynotes and panel discussions from a roster of distinguished speakers on issues pertinent to ensuring the NHS is fit for the future, including; the viability of government investment pledges, showcasing innovative tech-driven health and social care initiatives and spotlighting service improvements to refine the quality of care offered by the NHS; leading to a re-allocation of valuable resources and capital.

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Registration and Coffee in the Networking Area


Chair's Opening Address

  • Gabrielle Mathews, Member of the NHS Assembly and Vice-Chair of Welfare, Imperial College School of Medicine Student Union (confirmed)

Keynote Address

  • Emily Hough, Director, Strategy Group, NHS England (confirmed)
"A Sustainable, Long Term Plan for the NHS"

The keynote address will expand on priorities of the long term plan that will play an integral role in delivering wholesale clinical and cultural change within the NHS. Including:

  • Improving access to mental health services to meet the governments commitment to parity of esteem between mental and physical healthcare. 
  • Overhauling cancer screening services to bring domestic prevention and treatment in-line with European leaders.
  • Reducing health inequalities.
  • Renewed focus on improving integration of health and social care to assist patients transitioning between systems. 
  • Continue to develop effective children and young people's services.

Emily will be taking questions following the keynote address.

  • Diane Baynham, Head of Service Design, Digital Urgent and Emergency Care, NHS England (confirmed)
"The Role of Digital in the Long Term Plan"

Digital innovation in healthcare has opened up new possibilities to treat patients remotely, to improve patient flow through digital appointments and acute discharge; to access medical records on the road for community practitioners or to share information from emergency services en route to hospital. The NHS Long Term Plan must ensure these new opportunities can be grasped, that NHS staff have the right digital skill set and the right technology in place to improve care.

  • Anita Charlesworth, Director of Research and Economics, The Health Foundation (confirmed)
"Return on Investment and Delivering Major Improvements"

The government has committed to a five-year NHS funding plan that, it says, will provide the fiscal security to develop a long term plan for the health and social care sector. Premised on a £20.5bn real-terms annual increase by the end of the five year period compared to current levels, the funding will be front-loaded, with 3.6% increases expected in the first two years. The funding plan is, to a degree, conditional; the government has set-out five fiscal requirements the NHS must meet in order to demonstrate it has put the service onto a sustainable path.


In this presentation, the viability of the government's funding pledge will be reviewed. Concerns that an increase in inflation and the possibility of un-subsidised shortfalls could erode the investment by as much as £260m in 2019; rising to around £1bn by 2020. Additionally, the presentation will expand on recommendations made by the Health Foundation to deliver the promised percentage increase that will have a real impact on the pace and scale of NHS improvements.         

"Local Government Response to the NHS Long Term Plan"

Elements of the NHS Long Term Plan are welcomed by local government; however the LTP will fall-short of meeting its ambitions for improving public health by emphasising preventative care, developing a sustainable strategy for adult social care and providing adequate support for children's services if the culture of local government cuts is maintained.


The Long Term Plan recognises the importance of partnerships in delivering local implementation of national objectives. Cllr Dr Zahid Chauhan will use his presentation to spotlight:

  • The necessity of a parallel long term plan for local government funding.
  • Oldham Council's health and social care initiatives pursuing outcomes in-line with the Long Term Plan's priorities.

Question & Answer Session

  • Diane Baynham, Head of Service Design, Digital Urgent and Emergency Care, NHS England (confirmed)
  • Anita Charlesworth, Director of Research and Economics, The Health Foundation (confirmed)
  • Cllr Dr Zahid Chauhan, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, Oldham Council (confirmed)

Coffee in the Networking Area


Case Study

"Remote Patient Assessment"

The NHS is under significant pressure from central and devolved governments to improve efficiency and productivity, empower patients to shape and manage their own healthcare and to improve health outcomes.


BPMpathway is a cost-effective remote patient assessment platform that supports orthopaedic patients through their preparation for surgery at enhanced recovery joint schools, during the acute hospital phase and supports them throughout their rehabilitation, whilst at the same time providing clinicians with the vital data needed to assess their on-going recovery progress. As such, BPMpathway has the potential to deliver massive benefits for NHS trusts, clinicians and patients through:


  • Early supported patient discharge, potentially on the same day as surgery, thereby reducing in-stay time and cost and improving patient flow
  • Efficiently-targeted care across the critical weeks post-surgery by prioritising resources to those patients needing them the most within an expanded group of recipients
  • Decreased readmission rates through the early identification of developing complications
  • Enhanced patient recovery programmes by harnessing technology and innovation to create personalised post-operative support
  • Improved patient motivation and engagement with feedback, reassurance and encouragement playing an important role in improving patient outcomes and PROMS scores
  • Annie Sayer, Deputy National Directory of Services Lead, Integrated Urgent Care Delivery Team, NHS England (confirmed)
"How First-Class Service Directory Information can Underpin your Delivery of the Long Term Plan"

Case Study

  • Jan Christian, Lead Nurse, Emergency Medicine, Salford Royal Foundation Trust (confirmed)
"Reducing Falls and Injuries in Patients and the Elderly"

Patient falls in the NHS costs the health service £2.3bn and over 4m beds each year. A third of people aged 65-and-over fall at least once a year and falls are the most common cause of death from injury in over 65's. Patient falls are the number one precipitating factor for a person losing independence and going into long term care. A first fall can set in motion a downward spiral - people may develop a fear of falling which, in turn, can lead to more inactivity, loss of strength and a greater risk of further falls.


Jan will introduce delegates to Guardian Sentry; a completely new way of caring for patients that embraces two elements of the NHS long term plan - digital innovation and preventative care. Guardian Sentry is not an analogue system, instead it utilises digital technology - the system will sense when a patient is beginning to move and will alarm any staff nearby of an impending fall prompt. This means you do not get an alarm when the patient has fallen, like some other systems on the market. The Guardian Sentry system is designed to give you a preemptive early warning for an impending fall prompt.

  • Sean O'Sullivan, Head of Health and Social Policy, Royal College of Midwives (confirmed)
"NHS Long Term Plan: Implications for Maternity Services"

Building on current policy, the Long Term Plan places maternity care front and centre in its ambitions for transforming health care services. The Plan commits the NHS to ensuring that by 2021 the majority of women in England will receive continuity of care from a midwife that they know and trust, as well as having their own personalised care plan and having greater choice of services and facilities during their pregnancy, labour and in the postnatal period. Maternity services will also be expected to target support at women from black and minority ethnic backgrounds and those from disadvantaged communities.


In his address to delegates, Sean will review the implications of the Long Term Plan for maternity services and consider the opportunities and challenges that the new policy commitments present for women and families, for maternity services staff and for those responsible for planning and implementing maternity transformation.


Question & Answer Session

  • Annie Sayer, Deputy National Directory of Services Lead, Integrated Urgent Care Delivery Team, NHS England (confirmed)
  • Sean O'Sullivan, Head of Health and Social Policy, Royal College of Midwives (confirmed)
  • Jan Christian, Lead Nurse, Emergency Medicine, Salford Royal Foundation Trust (confirmed)
  • Martin Gossling, CEO, 270 Vision (confirmed)

Lunch in the Networking Area


Chair's Afternoon Address

  • Gabrielle Mathews, Member of the NHS Assembly and Vice-Chair of Welfare, Imperial College School of Medicine Student Union (confirmed)
  • Adrian Eggleton, Director, Estates and Facilities Lead, NHS Improvement (confirmed)
"Factoring NHS Estates and Facilities into the Long Term Plan "

Case Study

Portakabin is the pioneer of modular construction in Europe, delivering interim and permanent bespoke buildings, of any size and to fulfil almost any application, site and design. It has provided award-winning off-site accommodation solutions of outstanding quality and exceptional service, with unrivalled on time and on budget performance, for over 50 years across 7 countries.

  • Robert White, Director, Health Value for Money Audit, National Audit Office (confirmed)
"NHS Financial Sustainability"

Following last year’s announcement about a long-term funding settlement for the NHS as followed by the 10-year plan in January 2019, the NAO produced a report that examined the progress made by the Department of Health and Social care in the effort to achieve a financially sustainable NHS. Examining the financial position of provider bodies, Clinical Commissioning Groups as well as NHS England, the report focused on the financial flows and mechanisms within the NHS and the actions being taken to make Sustainability & Transformation Partnerships and Integrated Care Systems a successful reality. Robert will join us to discuss details within the report and the recommendations the NAO makes for future periods. 

  • Dr Liz Mear, Chief Executive, Innovation Agency (confirmed)

Synopsis coming soon.


Question & Answer Session

  • Adrian Eggleton, Director, Estates and Facilities Lead, NHS Improvement (confirmed)
  • Victoria Phillips, Healthcare Specialist, Portakabin (confirmed)
  • Dr Liz Mear, Chief Executive, Innovation Agency (confirmed)
  • Robert White, Director, Health Value for Money Audit, National Audit Office (confirmed)

Chair’s Closing Remarks and Event Close

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Mary Ward House Conference & Exhibition Centre, London

Mary Ward House Conference & Exhibition Centre, London

In 2002 the building was placed on the Listed Buildings at Risk Register with the Mary Ward House trust having failed to secure lottery funding.

The building has been painstakingly renovated to ensure that this extremely important part of National Heritage continues to serve as a place of learning, knowledge dissemination and promotion of equality.

We are continually reinvesting in upgrading and renovating the building to ensure it continues to serve society through the advancement of education (by the establishment and maintenance of a Grade 1 Listed building/museum)

This objective directly enables us in; the advancement of the arts, culture, heritage and science; the relief of those in need by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage; the advancement of citizenship or community development

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