Suicide Bereavement UK

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Suicide Bereavement UK conducts suicide bereavement research, provides consultancy on postvention and develops and delivers evidence-based suicide bereavement training. The team have considerable experience working in this field and have a unique skill set, which enables them to be considered leaders in this newly developing field in the UK.

Suicide Bereavement UK specialise in the following

  • Suicide bereavement research;
  • Providing consultancy on postvention (care of those bereaved by suicide); and
  • Developing and delivering evidence-based suicide bereavement training
  • Providing an annual international conference

Our Aims

  • To conduct suicide bereavement research that will help to advance understanding, increase awareness, reduce stigma and influence policy and practice;
  • To develop and deliver evidence-based suicide bereavement training that will increase knowledge, confidence and skills on how to respond to those bereaved by suicide;
  • To create a hub where knowledge, expertise and good practice can be shared and disseminated through consultancy and the Suicide Bereavement UK national annual suicide bereavement conference.
  • Our Upcoming Events

  • Mental Health: Supporting NHS Workforce Resilience

    • 10-11-2021
    • 08:30 - 17:05
    • Manchester Conference Centre