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Safeguarding Adults: It's Everybody’s Business

  • Thursday, 24 November 2022
  • Pendulum Hotel & Manchester Conference Centre
  • 08:30 - 15:45
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At the request of delegates attending the highly successful Safeguarding Children events, Open Forum Events are pleased to be hosting the Safeguarding Adults: It’s Everybody’s Business conference.

Although safeguarding is usually associated with protecting children and young people, there needs to be robust measures in place to ensure the safety of adults who may be at risk of harm, abuse, neglect and exploitation. Safeguarding best practice should be established to support adults who are unable to protect themselves due to circumstances such as: being elderly or frail, have a learning of physical disability, suffer with a long-term condition or poor mental health, have an addiction, lacks capacity.

It is commonly regarded that adult safeguarding is everybody’s business, however, the Care Act 2014 put safeguarding of adults on a statutory footing, meaning that all organisations that encounter the public have a legal duty to have a policy in place.

This conference will feature an agenda of safeguarding experts, delivering a series of insightful and informative presentations, addressing some of the perturbing issues surrounding safeguarding and to highlight some of the preventative measures to minimise harm and share best practice.  Question-and-answer sessions will allow for delegates to have their say and contribute to the discussions, whilst informal networking breaks will allow for knowledge exchange and peer interaction.

Book today for the CPD accredited Safeguarding Adults: It’s Everybody’s Business conference to be at the forefront of professional practice and policy.

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Registration and Coffee in the Networking Area


Chair's Opening Address

  • Simon Garner, Wirral Council, Assistant Director for Adult Social Care Operational Delivery and Professional Standards (confirmed)

Keynote Address

  • Marino Latour, Designated Safeguarding Adults Lead Professional and Vice Chair of Safeguarding Adults National Network, NHS South West London Integrated Care Board (confirmed)
"Protecting the Right to Live in Safety, Free from Abuse and Neglect"

An overview of Safeguarding Adults in health and social care.

  • Jackie Mahoney, Social Worker and Team Manager Organisation , Warrington Borough Council (confirmed)
  • Liz Howard, Social Worker- Professional Officer, British Association of Social Workers (confirmed)
"The Impact of the Pandemic on Protecting the Rights of Adults."

This presentation will focus on messages and key themes from social work practice on protecting the rights of adults.
during the pandemic.

Ethical dilemmas and challenges to upholding human rights will be shared.

Reference to key reports and data gathered during this time will be explored.

Links to resources to support practice will be shared.



  • Dr Sarah Kiely, Named GP Safeguarding adults Bolton CCG / ICS and Specialist GP Asylum Seeker Mental health , Bolton CCG / ICS (confirmed)
"Safeguarding Asylum Seekers and Refugees"

The talk will focus on:
• Understanding the specific vulnerabilities of this group and hence increased risks that they may face.
• Identifying barriers to care
• Discuss and present tools for health professionals, organisations and individuals that may reduce vulnerability and hence reduce risk
• Reflect on the benefits of a trauma informed service and response, and what this may look like / mean for you


Question & Answer Session

Allocated planned time for speakers to receive questions from the audience and induce further discussion.


Coffee in the Networking Area

  • Emma Gibson, Head of Safeguarding Adults in Sport, Ann Craft Trust (confirmed)
"Safeguarding Adults in Sport and Physical Activity"

While the Child Protection in Sport Unit was founded in 2001, it was not until 2015 that sport recognised that the needs of ‘vulnerable adults’ or ‘adults at risk of abuse’ were not being considered. Through the campaigning of the Ann Craft Trust this agenda is now being funded by 3 different sporting agencies: UK Sport, Sport England and Sport Wales.
This presentation will cover the safeguarding adults in sport journey from the early days to the current priorities of the Sport Team, including the Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework and the Culture Campaign. #SaferCultureSaferSport.


"Preventing Male Suicide"

Men were significantly more likely than women to kill themselves. Past research by the Samaritans identified the highest suicide rate being among men aged 45-49. It also found that men from low socioeconomic backgrounds living in deprived areas were 10 times more likely to die by suicide than men from high socioeconomic backgrounds living in the most affluent areas.

  • Yasmin Khan, National Advisor to the Welsh Government and Founder , The Halo Project (confirmed)
"Exposing Honour Based Abuse"

Honour Based Abuse can take many forms, including child marriage, virginity testing, enforced abortion, forced marriage, female genital mutilation, as well as physical, sexual and economic abuse and coercive control.


Question & Answer Session


Lunch in the Networking Area

A hot, two-course lunch consisting of multiple options will be provided for delegates. We cater for all dietary requirements, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten/dairy-free; just notify us ahead of time should you have any allergens or requirements.


Chair's Afternoon Address


Sharing Best Practice

  • Michelle Anderson, User Strategy Manager Organisation , HM Court and Tribunal Service (confirmed)
"Safeguarding in HM Court and Tribunal Service"

After reviewing HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) safeguarding measures, HM Inspector of Prisons recommended HMCTS develop a safeguarding policy.
Following this, the organisation developed a policy, guidance, toolkit and learning for 16,000 staff, to make sure our people have the right capability to safeguarding vulnerable people
This presentation takes you on the journey HMCTS has taken to protect its most vulnerable users and staff by putting safeguarding measures in place to prevent abuse and neglect.


  • Tim Sproston, Global Professional Manager, The Crisis Prevention Institute (confirmed)
"Corrupted Culture: How corrupted culture leads to abusive practice."

Much of the emphasis related to the topic of restrictive practices has focussed on the type of training staff receive and issues surrounding the quality of training and the training curriculum itself.

There has been very little focus on the underlying factors that lead to abuse of restrictive practice other than to suggest ‘it’s the fault of staff training’. Over the past 20 years there has been a number of undercover investigations that have highlighted the misuse and abuse of restrictive practices that have clearly demonstrated workplace culture is perhaps the real cause. Once workplace culture is corrupted, the door to abusive practice is open wide. Poor workplace culture doesn’t happen overnight or in a random way. There are simple and clearly identifiable steps organisations go through before reaching corruption. This workshop will highlight each step and provide insight so that leaders, managers and front-line staff can reflect and consider how corrupted their own practice is and how to prevent or challenge this when it occurs.


Sharing Best Practice

  • Professor Malcolm J Fisk, Professor of Ageing and Digital Health PhD MA BSc FCIH FRSA , De Montfort University (confirmed)
"Cameras, Care Homes and Elder Abuse: Can AI Help?"

The overall extent of elder abuse in the UK is unknown. It is, however, a matter of public concern borne testimony to in the occasional public outrage at the suffering that some older people experience, even among those living in the very places where people’s care and wellbeing is tantamount. It is for care homes that this presentation offers pointers to the way that AI, using data from camera devices, could now provide a means of deterring potential abusers and help in the safeguarding process. Experience, from some other countries, of the use of cameras and other monitoring devices in care settings, is drawn on.
This presentation is not about 24/7 surveillance with video screens. It is about a technology supported process for gathering data that are then saved and protected - only to be accessed by authorised persons in an event of concern (and, otherwise deleted). Data (including audio), at this point, would be able to be reconstituted into images in ways that protect individual privacy. Appropriate service frameworks would potentially align with parameters set out and previously published by the presenter. Associated technological developments mean that the vision (that underpinned the parameters) for controlled and privacy-protecting camera use in care homes can now be realised.

"Building a centre of excellence in Safeguarding"

West Sussex Adult Social Care reviewed and changed how they managed and responded to safeguarding referrals and in 2019 the Safeguarding Adults Hub was created.
The presentation will cover the reasons for developing the Safeguarding Adults Hub, what it has achieved and the challenges that we all need to consider and reflect upon in Safeguarding.


Question & Answer Session


Chair's Closing Remarks


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