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Supporting Student Mental Health-Improving Outcomes and Achievements

  • Tuesday, 10 October 2023
  • Pendulum Hotel & Manchester Conference Centre
  • 08:30 - 16:30
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Open Forum Events is vastly experienced in hosting national informative and insightful conferences focusing on the mental health of children and young people. We are now pleased to announce the Supporting Student Mental Health-Improving Outcomes and Achievements conference which will be the fifth such event dedicated to improving the mental health support provision within the Higher Education sector.

Moving from school into university or college is a for lots of young people their first major life event. This transitional period can be difficult to navigate and can evoke negative responses, particularly on their mental health and wellbeing. University centric challenges such as living away from home for the first time, academic achievement pressures, establishing new networks and financial responsibilities can make students vulnerable to psychological problems.  A survey of students published in 2022 revealed:

  • 52% of students have a diagnosed mental health condition
  • 32% of respondents’ well-being had worsened since starting university
  • 50% of students surveyed have considered leaving their course

With 100 students taking their own life every year and almost a third of students highlighting mental health concerns as a key reason for considering leaving university, there needs to be more robust and responsive support provision.

The Supporting Student Mental Health-Improving Outcomes and Achievements conference will bring together key stakeholders involved with student welfare and will look to establish the scale of the problem, discuss some of the causes, identify risk and seek potential solutions. The programme incorporates key presentations from speakers with both personal and professional experience, allocated time for questions and discussion, interactive engagement, and casual networking.

Delegates will benefit from an agenda of relevant content, expert contributors and knowledge sharing opportunities.

Don’t miss out on this key opportunity to enable improvements for the student community……BOOK YOUR PLACE TODAY.


This conference is designed to induce change with knowledge, innovation, and inspiration.
Any transformation of a process or service requires the input of products and services devised to make improvements such as digital technologies; training provision; workforce planning; outsourced services; data and analytics etc.
If your organisation supports change through your products and services, our delegates and conference participants will be ready to engage with you.

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Registration and Coffee in the Networking Area


Chair's Opening Address

  • Sam Gamblin, UMHAN (University Mental Health Advisers Network), Charity Manager (confirmed)

Opening Keynote Address

  • Dr Mark Shanahan, Associate Professor of Political Engagement, University of Surrey – and The LEARN Network (confirmed)
"Clarity,Consistency and Accountability – Closing the Mental Health Gaps in Higher Education"

In February 2018, Mark Shanahan’s son Rory took his own life. Rory was 22 and a student at Sheffield University. Since 2019, Mark has been looking at why around 100 university students take their lives each year in the UK and what the sector can do to change in terms of clarity for every student-facing role in the student journey; consistency of policies and best practice; and accountability when things go wrong. From academic conferences to parliament and now a Government Taskforce, Mark shares his journey towards a Statutory Duty of Care in HE.

"Could the Mental Health of Students be Linked to the Subject they Study?"

High levels of mental health problems, substance disorders and suicidal behaviour are common among college students, with some courses appearing to have more students with these issues than others. Recent findings from the Student Psychological Intervention Trial (SPIT) will be discussed. SPIT was conducted across four university campuses in Northern Ireland and in a college in the North-West of Ireland, as part of the World Mental Health International College Student Initiative (WMH-ICS). One of the studies conducted as part of this project aimed to determine if students commencing college in different academic disciplines were at a heightened risk for specific disorders and if help seeking behaviour varied across courses. Variations were indeed revealed, and these findings would suggest that tailored interventions and prevention strategies may be beneficial in the university setting.


  • Luke Haseldine, Senior B2B Executive, R;pple Suicide Prevention (confirmed)
"The R;pple Tool and Student Welfare"

What is the R;pple tech tool and how it’s being used in Universities?


Question and Answer Session

Allocated planned time for speakers to receive questions from the audience and induce further discussion.


Coffee in the Networking Area


Case Study

  • Kyle Riding, Head of Programmes , Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (confirmed)
"Can Students Identify Gambling Harm?"

This presentation will look into research regarding students mental health and the correlation this has with both finances and gambling. The presentation will also provide signposting and support options for professionals working with students who may be experiencing gaming disorder or gambling harm.

  • Dr Ali Hashtroudi, Clinical Director of OHSWB, Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Trust and Chair of HEOPS, HEOPS (confirmed)
"Role of Occupational Health"

Occupational health play a significant role in supporting students as well as providing guidance and advice to University how to support students. The presentation is aimed to provide information about the role of OH and how to best utilised it.

  • Eve Mair, Senior Public Policy Officer, Bipolar UK (confirmed)
"Spotting The Signs: Living with bipolar as a student"

The signs of bipolar often become apparent in young adulthood and, as Eve discovered whilst at university, student life can act as a catalyst for the condition. Spotting these signs early is key to helping people get the treatment and support they need to live well with bipolar. This talk will explore the signs of bipolar, what it’s like living with it as a student and why early intervention is crucial.


Case Study

"How an Innovative System of Digital and Human Support Can Increase Student Mental Health and Wellbeing?"

We’ll share how technology can help students recognise their own goals and strengths, create solutions for overcoming problems and aid them towards independently managing time, work, and mental health and wellbeing. Our session will cover how the system builds capability and supports students with their mental health and share real life student stories and outcomes. We will demonstrate how a digital self-management system combining digital tools with human support, has enabled them to successfully transition to university, work towards completing their university degrees and establish transferrable skills that will help as they move on to employment.



Question and Answer Session


Lunch in the Networking Area

A hot, two-course lunch consisting of multiple options will be provided for delegates. We cater for all dietary requirements, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten/dairy-free; just notify us ahead of time should you have any allergens or requirements.


Chair’s Afternoon Address

  • Charlotte Smith, Headucate trustee/ Assistant psychologist NHS NSFT , Headucate UK (confirmed)
"Welcome to Headucate UK"

Introducing the charity that is Headucate UK, from its creation to where we are now. Giving you a deeper look into the Headucate branches and affiliated mental health societies in universities across the UK that make us able to provide such beneficial outreach work in primary and secondary schools by delivering interactive mental health workshops.


Sharing Best Practice

  • Zoe Allman, Associate Dean (Academic), De Montfort University (confirmed)
"Embedding Mental Wellbeing- A Collaborative Approach"

De Montfort University’s Embedding Mental Wellbeing team harnesses the power of academics, professional services and the Students’ Union in collaborative partnership to embed mental wellbeing activity across the University. Responding to the University community and the impact of Covid-19, their project achieved cross-institutional transformation and cross-sector impact, and was recognised by Advance HE with a Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE, 2022). In this presentation Zoë explores the collaborative activities that empower De Montfort University’s ongoing approach to embedding mental wellbeing.

  • Verity Wilson, Family Link Worker, Healthworks and The Bloom Initiative; Expert by Experience bespoke Eating Disorder & Mental Health Training. (confirmed)
"Becoming ‘A Student’ – A New Sense of Identity"

The importance of developing a positive sense of identity and taking positive risks when living with mental ill health.

Verity will share expertise by experience; the student voice of her daughter & her own as a parent & professional.


Question and Answer Session


Afternoon Refreshment Break

  • Claire Francis, Head of the Counselling and Mental Health Service , University of Manchester (confirmed)
  • Simon Postlethwaite, Operational Manager, Greater Manchester Universities Student Mental Health Service (confirmed)
"Mental Health Provision for University Students in Greater Manchester - A Partnership Approach"

This presentation will provide an overview of the Greater Manchester Universities Student Mental Health Partnership.

"My Life as a Medical Student with an Eating Disorder"

This presentation will delve into the lived experience of navigating mental health during university, delivered by a now qualified doctor.


Question and Answer Session


Chair’s Closing Remarks & Event Close

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Pendulum Hotel & Manchester Conference Centre

Pendulum Hotel & Manchester Conference Centre

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