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Children and Young People's Mental Health: The Path to Recovery

  • Thursday, 27 April 2023
  • Pendulum Hotel & Manchester Conference Centre
  • 08:30 - 16:30
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CAMHS provides vital support to many children and young people and their families throughout the UK and their intervention can be life changing and instrumental in preventing loss of life. However, the service is overstretched, with an ongoing rise in people seeking help and the number receiving treatment reaching an all-time high. It is feared that this relentless rise is unsustainable and overwhelming.

Open Forum Events has hosted several past conferences, bringing together the CAMHS community, to highlight the challenges and applaud the many examples of excellence. 

The Children and Young People's Mental Health: The Path to Recovery conference is another opportunity to disseminate the latest information, share best practice and articulate the path for improvement.

Prior to the pandemic there was an already increasing demand for CAMHS, however, children and young people have since experienced lockdowns, school closures, isolation from friends, withdrawal from society and a reduction in the access to support when in crisis.  According to NHS figures, in April 2022, 66,389 young people aged 19 and under were referred to child and adolescent mental health services in April, a 109% rise compared to the same month pre-pandemic.

This hugely relevant conference will feature a series of informative and insightful plenary presentations, showcase examples of best practice and provide the setting for professional networking and discussion. The programme will feature: a line up of expert speakers addressing key issues and opportunities; interactive question and answer sessions; and casual networking breaks.

Book your place today at the Children and Young People's Mental Health: The Path to Recovery conference and join like-minded peers to explore how mental health service providers can be better equipped to provide the necessary support to such a high number of children and young people.


Special Offer

In partnership with Embrace Resilience we are offering all delegates a package of free e-learning courses worth £60 when you register for this event.

These courses are used widely across mental health, health, and care sectors. and meet CQC requirements for training and development. In addition to the courses, delegates will have free access to download a toolkit including planners and journals to help with their own personal resilience.

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Registration and Coffee in the Networking Area


Chair's Opening Address


Keynote Address

  • Olly Parker, Head of External Affairs, YoungMinds (confirmed)
"What Young People are Telling Us"

Record numbers of young people are seeking mental health support, but too many are being told to wait, struggling to cope and hitting crisis point before they finally get the support they need.

YoundMinds conducted a survey of 14,000 young people to try and get to the bottom of why a generation of young people feel this way. These are our ideas for how we can start to build a world where no young person feels alone with their mental health.

  • Alton Brown, Director of Programmes, The Kids Network (confirmed)
"Helping Children Live the Lives they Deserve"

The Kids Network is a London based charity with the purpose of helping children live the lives they deserve by providing them with a volunteer mentor, a local hero from their London community. This presentation will provide an insight into why we exist, the problems our children are facing, how we meet that need and our strategic ambitions. The Kids Network is a growing community of children and professionals, connecting through fun, friendship and hardship to reduce inequality.

  • Dr Salman Shahid, Deputy Clinical Director & Operational Lead of ARRS work force of Middleton Primary Care Network HMR at NHS Consultant Physician/GP UK , Rochdale Road Medical Centre (confirmed)
"Impact of Social Media on Children and Teenagers"

The advent of social media platforms has brought about a significant change in the way people communicate, access information, and interact with others. As social media usage continues to rise, concerns about its impact on mental health are also increasing.


Headline Sponsor

  • Dr Jo Ellins, Senior Fellow and Head of Research, Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham (confirmed)
  • Helen Barnes, CYPMH Champion, Mayden (confirmed)
"Early Experiences of Mental Health Support Teams in Schools and Colleges"

MHSTs directly support children and young people with 'mild to moderate' mental health problems and work with school and college staff to promote wellbeing for all. The NIHR BRACE Rapid Evaluation Centre led an early evaluation of the implementation and progress of MHSTs in the first 25 'Trailblazer' sites. The evaluation draws out key findings and lessons for future programme implementation and expansion.


Question & Answer Session

Allocated planned time for speakers to receive questions from the audience and induce further discussion.


Coffee in the Networking Area


Case Study

Dr. Brett Salmons, Clinical Director, Mindler (confirmed)
Tim Hamer, Deputy General Manager, Mindler (confirmed)


Our award-winning UK service for CYP is known as the Sandbox ( and provides rapid access to mental health support using the national THRIVE framework. 

Mindler was founded in 2018 by two psychologists, Rickard Färdig and Johannes Hatem and one medical doctor / tech entrepreneur Rickard Lagerqvist, in Sweden, and currently operates in Sweden, France, the Netherlands and the UK.

"Going to CYP Where They Are Online"

Brett and Tim share their key learnings from designing and launching the Sandbox, providing rapid access to online mental health support for CYP using the THRIVE framework. The Sandbox goes to where young people are online, providing an accessible, needs-based service that is a support or alternative to traditional care pathways. Just 12 months from launch, the award winning Sandbox service has been commissioned by the NHS in multiple areas. 

  • Debbie Simmons, Regional Director for the North of England, Place2Be (confirmed)
"Sharing Best Practice"

Debbie will be speaking about Place2Be’s work and the organisations approach to children’s mental health, whilst highlighting some of Place2Be’s impactful statistics on recovery and improvements in mental health.

"My lived experience of being sectioned and as a care leaver, who was addicted to drugs and then become homeless."

I was addicted to Legal Highs (A.K.A Spice) and was bouncing between homes. I was unhappy in the semi-independent placement I had been put in so decided to sleep on the sofas of my friends. Eventually the placement ended and my options to sofa surf soon ran out. I then went on to the streets and was homeless. This is my lived experienced story of how I recovered and now am a homeowner.


Question & Answer Session


Lunch in the Networking Area

A hot, two-course lunch consisting of multiple options will be provided for delegates. We cater for all dietary requirements, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten/dairy-free; just notify us ahead of time should you have any allergens or requirements.


Chair's Afternoon Address

"Creative Interventions for Young People’s Mental Health"

Mortal Fools will introduce their live and digital creative intervention programmes and demonstrate how their unique creative and relational delivery methodology is an effective early intervention and prevention approach, with the long-term aim of reducing referrals of children and young people into statutory services.


Blooming Change, Article 39 (confirmed)

"The Reality of Mental Health Units"

In a reflective and informative presentation, the Blooming Change group will be focusing on the realities of life in a mental health inpatient unit from the perspective of children and young people. The presentation will highlight the long-term effects of being institutionalised and of the use of outdated practices, and will discuss what must change to ensure the safety of children and young people.



Question & Answer Session


Afternoon Refreshment Break

  • Sally Kaye, Advanced Clinical Practitioner, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust (confirmed)
"Under 18s Greater Manchester crisis care Rapid Response Team"

The Rapid Response Team (RRT) part of the Greater Manchester Crisis Care Pathway is a multi-disciplinary team of mental health professionals providing an assertive outreach model to support children and young people up to the age of 18 in crisis. With the primary aim to prevent further escalation and avoid hospital and/or Accident & Emergency (A&E) Department admission, the RRT ambition is to attend the crisis location within 4 hours of the initial referral being raised.



Closing Keynote Address

  • Adam Gillett, Assistant Principal at Penistone Grammar School and Learning and Development Specialist at Minds Ahead, Minds Ahead (confirmed)
"Young People’s Mental Health, Social Media and Myth Busting"

Often talked about, in the media and in staff rooms up and down the country, is the impact of social media. Is this what has spurred on the rise in mental health concerns amongst young people since 1999? Or is it actually a convenient scapegoat and the answer is far more complex? This presentation looks at the case for and against and asks us to reconsider our perceived wisdom about social media.


Question & Answer Session


Chair's Closing Remarks


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